Rubber speed bumps

Rubber speed bumps, also known as rubber humps or speed humps, are a type of traffic calming device that is made of rubber or a rubber-like material. They are installed on roads to slow down vehicles and improve safety, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as residential neighborhoods and shopping districts.

One of the main advantages of rubber speed bumps is that they are more comfortable and less jarring than other types of speed bumps, such as concrete or asphalt. This makes them a better option for drivers and passengers, as well as for the cars themselves, as they are less likely to cause damage or discomfort.

Rubber speed bumps are also more flexible and durable than other materials. They can withstand extreme temperatures and are resistant to cracking, breaking, or fading. This makes them a long-lasting solution for traffic calming, even in areas with heavy traffic.

Another advantage of rubber speed bumps is that they are easier and cheaper to install than other materials. They can be glued or bolted to the road surface, and do not require specialized equipment or trained personnel. This makes them a convenient and cost-effective solution for traffic calming.

In conclusion, rubber speed bumps are a popular and effective solution for slowing down traffic and improving safety on roads. They are comfortable and durable, and easy and cheap to install. They can be a useful tool for traffic calming, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

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